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A candidate applied to your job position via your career site


of candidates do extensive research of your company after finding your job ad.

CareerArc Employer Brand Study 2018


more applications are received by companies with strong employer brands.

LinkedIn Talent Blog 2015


of candidates consider your culture and values as the most important things when evaluating your company.

LinkedIn Global Trends 2016

Let your brand tell your story

A great brand isn’t only for customers. Being visible and creating a lasting impression plays a vital role in being attractive to quality prospects. Candidates that you’ve left an impact on are far more likely to come work for you, and stay invested in the work they do.

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Career site

Be seen in the right places, find the perfect candidates

Finding candidates doesn’t have to be difficult. Post to multiple job boards and reach thousands of great candidates with the click of a button. We’ll do the hard work so you can focus on fostering the talent.

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Focus on what matters with easy management

Devote more time to ideas that inspire you - spend less time on tedious tasks. Get organized quickly and easily with the smartest management solutions available. Effortless management at your fingertips.

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Powerful tools for better hiring

Finding a great candidate in a stack of resumes is possible, but it isn’t optimal. Instead of taking the old fashioned route, hire smarter by utilizing YouCruit’s fantastic features. We break down the barriers between you and your next hire, so you can start making meaningful connections right away. For instance, you can connect with your applicants through quick video resumes. It’s a win-win, as it lets your candidates express themselves, and get a personal insight into who you’re hiring. Identify the stars quickly - spend less time on unqualified applicants.

Making connections is great, but reaching the right people while saving time in the process is better. Our futuristic technology automatically suggests the best applicants based on your specifications. Being able to rate, match, and screen candidates according to your needs means you waste no unnecessary resources whenever you onboard a new team member. Forget about emails and shred your paperwork. YouCruit is to recruitment what electricity was to kerosene, and we invite you to make the switch with us.

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Britta Svensson


Aside from easily spreading job ads, screening and managing applications has been the biggest improvement to our hiring process. Communication with the applicants has also been made easier as it can be done from within the ATS where the full history of events is stored.

An ATS is essential to any business that wants to improve their hiring, but I would recommend YouCruit in particular to my business contacts and partners without hesitation.

Patrik Westbergen


YouCruit has made hiring new people much easier. We hire new staff on a regular basis, so having a good ATS is a lifesaver. It’s simple to learn and easy to use, and really makes hiring new people very easy.

Our relationship with the YouCruit team has been great, and they’ve always been quick to communicate and solve any issues we were experiencing. We’re happy with our choice.

Matthew Kolinski

USA Staffing Services

Traditionally we would have to educate the candidate during the interview. Since launching the career site we have found that the biggest difference now is that we hold conversations with our candidates rather than interviews, it’s almost like they know the office before they step through the door. It’s a great feeling and it’s allowed us to find people that are excited to be part of our team.

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