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Make an impression

To stand out in the modern marketplace, you need to operate your business with purpose. Stale writing and stiff interviews are relics of the past. Your main goal in a world of hyper-competition is to build a company that inspires. People don’t go for jobs. They go where they can make a difference - they go where they can be part of an uplifting and exciting environment. Expressing your purpose creates long term success. Those invested in your story will become your finest hires.

Branding is easy when you have the specialists and resources. It isn’t easy when you don’t have the option to invest in expensive contractors or software. We encourage you to express yourself anyway. The resources and tools we provide make brand-building an inspiring and fun experience. All our tools and features help bridge the gap between your vision and your candidates’ attention. We invite you to explore how you can impress, and become the employer that stands out from the crowd.

91% of candidates evaluate an employer's brand before applying for a job.
Career Site Builder

Career Site Builder

Make your value known to great candidates. Set up a gorgeous career site that reflects your voice and personality in minutes.

get the word out

Social media integration

Being seen on social media helps you make an impact on a wider range of people. YouCruit optimizes job ads for Facebook and other social media outlets. Additionally, our great resources help you build ads for maximum efficiency.

Social media integration
Easy applications

Easy applications

The harder it is to apply to your jobs, the more great applicants you’ll miss out on. Show your candidates that you think ahead with readable, professional, and simple applications. Build trust early - get the best employees on board.

Perform better

Google indexing & analytics

Make your brand visible to the right people, at the right time. Don't focus on the boring stuff as you’re building your business - spend your time where it’s needed. Indexing, relevance, optimization - we’ll handle it and give you the break-down, so you can steer your brand in the right direction.

Indexing and analytics

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