Take the labour out of management. Fewer dull tasks - more time for the fun stuff.

Master your management

You should be able to devote more time to the ideas that inspire you. To pay more attention to your lofty goals, and spend less time on tedious tasks. Technology has consistently made things smaller, and more powerful. Our technology does the same for your hiring process, so you can focus on the things that matter.

Imagine how many hours fritter away on a weekly basis due to inefficient management. So many, that 80% of recruiters agree that it's the main cause of wasted time.

There's no reason to waste time, even if your inbox is overflowing with candidates. We want to get your inbox out of the equation, so you can manage smarter.

YouCruit allows you to stay prepared at all times with powerful management solutions. Beyond that, it saves you time and money - while requiring less work. Usually, that deal would be too good to be true. But YouCruit makes it a reality.

Tried & True Efficiency

Organization and efficiency shouldn't take effort. We make sure of that by making a system that provides you with the best managing solutions right away.

Manage Simply

For us, improving your recruiting process isn’t enough. YouCruit's user-friendly interface makes managing new and existing candidates easier than ever before.

Screening Filters & Ratings

Rate and categorize your candidates. Set up custom screening to find the candidates sharing your vision. Don't waste any time on unqualified candidates.

Team Collaboration

Make teamwork easy. Track progress in real-time for seamless cooperation. No need to exchange memos, emails, or get lost in a sea of paperwork - you'll always be on the same page as your colleagues.

Seamless Communication

Your relationship with your candidates is as good as your ability to reach them. Continue the conversation regardless of where you are with mobile friendly chat.

One Click Actions

Send out mails, messages, rejections, and more with the click of a button. An easy way to save a lot of time.

Get Started Now!

An easy-to-use, professional grade recruitment software built to handle and improve the performance of your growing business. Yours in minutes.


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