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Hiring drivers made cheap, simple and effective.

Improve the way you hire

In an industry that’s always on the move, there’s no time for the inefficient and outdated - yet recruiting practices in the trucking industry are dangerously lagging behind. Each day, thousands of advertising and recruitment dollars are wasted chasing leads that go nowhere.

It doesn’t have to be that way. We want to help you lead the way with recruitment that’s better than ever before. No more empty promises, just hard results. Our recruiting solution helps you hire drivers and other professionals in a way that’s cheaper and better than ever before.

Save money

Today, recruiting a dry-van driver can cost up to $8,600. A big portion of that is spent paying for recruiting software. By using YouCruit, you can cut those costs dramatically.

Save time

Most recruiters agree that dealing with unqualified drivers takes up most of their time. Devote your time to the things that matter. Pre-screen drivers with advanced filters, chat features, integrated support and more.

Reach the right drivers

The driver shortage is an industry issue, but it doesn’t have to apply to you. The drivers are there, you just need to know how to reach them. With our tools, you can stand out on the right platforms, and find the drivers that are happy to work for you.

Post to free job boards

Save time and reach more jobseekers than ever before by posting to several job boards simultaneously - all without having to leave the platform.

Easily share positions on social media

Social media job posting allows you to expand your search and reach thousands of potential employees at no extra cost.

Extend your reach

YouCruit is the first trucking industry specific tool that allows for the hiring and management of miscellaneous staff such as recruiters, dispatchers, and more.

Access 200+ premium job boards

To reach the best drivers, you may need to cast a wider net. YouCruit allows for easy and quick posting to our partnered job boards.

Get value out of your ad dollars

One of the biggest mistakes carriers make is not being aware of the metrics that show how their ad dollars are being spent. Our analytics let you keep your finger on the pulse to strategize and achieve peak ad performance.

Automate and organize with AI

Our tech has been proven to deliver twice as many quality candidates and save you 67% in advertising costs.

Source, track and analyze statistics

YouCruit gives you a detailed overview of where your best candidates are coming from. Trim the fat by seeing where your money is being spent.

Career site

Elevate your brand

When looking for their next job, drivers choose companies whose names they recognize, and can quickly find online. If you can make yourself seen to those drivers - and express your values and unique selling points, they will be eager to jump on board.

Your career site is where applicants and visitors alike can find out more about your company and easily apply to your jobs. Our easy to use career site builder lets you build a beautiful, modern website in minutes. Show drivers why you’re their best choice.

Elevate your brand
driver retention

Keep your employees happy

Taking care of your image and understanding what makes your company different is a proven way to increase your driver retention. Keeping employees on board is your best weapon against the driver shortage. Take your brand to the next level and gain the power to hire drivers that are excited to work for you.

Happy employees
Company culture
company culture

Show your best qualities

In today’s hyper-competitive market, drivers have the power to be picky. That means trucking companies need consistent values and a strong company culture to attract and retain the right talent. A strong brand leads to better retention, in turn leading to financial stability and driver referrals.

get the word out

Share your vision

Set yourself apart by sharing your unique vision with the world. Companies that have a vision and act according to their values are far more likely to retain happy employees. Our career site builder and branding resources let you do just that.

Share your vision
Stand out
stand out

Think bigger

Trucking companies post more job ads than any other industry. Drivers see the same ads and the same selling points over and over. Don’t make them see you as just a price tag. Focus on the qualities that set you apart.

Find what makes your company unique.


Organize your workload

There are a lot of steps to getting a driver hired. First, they have to apply. Then, you send release forms, wait for them to be filled out, wait for verification of employment, attempt contact, attempt contact again, and so on. Sound familiar?

We understand the time pressure you deal with on a daily basis, and help you speed up and optimize your recruitment process.

Organize workload

Collaboration made easy

Cut out the paperwork and make communication easy with our intuitive workflow. Everything you do will be saved in real-time, so you and your team can always be on the same page.

Releases - sent and signed in record time

Calling and reminding drivers to sign and send releases usually takes days. YouCruit allows you to send release forms as soon as the driver applies, so you can get them on board as fast as possible.

Reach drivers

Reach drivers anywhere

Most drivers are on the road, and apply to jobs during short breaks. Make sure your applications are accessible wherever they may be. A fully mobile-friendly application process means any driver can apply, from anywhere.

Paperless management

View and schedule appointments, communicate with future employees, set up automated email reminders, and perform a variety of powerful tasks to make your process quicker and more efficient. All without leaving the platform.

Paperless management

Gain access to fully qualified and pre-screened leads

We know the frustration of dealing with unqualified leads. To save you lots of time and money, we’ve partnered with Lanefinder to give you access to the best leads, and ensure they match all of your hiring requirements before you get in touch.

Carriers pay hundreds of dollars for referrals, and thousands for hires. We’ll give you the qualified and interested drivers at a lower cost.

Partnering with Lanefinder has allowed us to provide you with quality, pre-screened leads. Drivers screened via Lanefinder are interested, qualified, and ready to start. With our combined power, we are able to bring you an unrivaled service, and superior driver leads. Don’t waste time sorting through thousands of applications.

Each Lanefinder lead is far more likely to convert to a hire.

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